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Posted by zgsmledlig on 2017/2/24 9:57:46 (5 reads)

LED flood lights and LED spot lights are often being confused, LED flood lights are generally no lens, light angle is relatively large, and generally 120 °. Irradiation area of LED flood lights is relatively large, but the irradiation distance is not far. LED spot lights are generally have lens, light irradiation angle can be determined by the angle of the lens size. Irradiation area of LED spot lights is generally not very large, but the irradiation distance is relatively far.
Composition of LED flood lights:
Tempered glass, reflector, LED integrated light source (COB), LED power supply, die-cast aluminum housing.
Tempered glass:
There are two process, one is physical tempering and the other is the chemical tempering.
Physical tempering is taking the ordinary flat glass or float glass in the specified conditions and the environment, made after quenching or air-cooled fire processing.
Chemical tempering is by the ion exchange method to change the composition of glass surface of ordinary flat glass or float glass, so that the glass surface to form a layer of pressure stress layer, and processing.
Identification for good or bad: check the flatness, no bubbles, no inclusions, no scratches, no lines and fog spots, and other quality defects, the existence of such defects in the glass will occur deformation, reducing the transparency of glass, mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass in use.
Identification method: no distortion, no spin lines, no pinholes, bright surface, no obvious sand holes on surface, electroplating gloss should be good, plating thickness should be uniform.
LED integrated light source:
Identify the good or bad: through the microscope to see whether the chip is to require manufacturers, whether the chip size is the size that required. Chip includes sorted chip, chip, chips on tape, wafer, according to specifications of LED floodlights to confirm the good or bad. Glue, support, phosphor etc. composition also can determine the quality of LED products.

Posted by zgsmledlig on 2017/2/24 9:57:26 (5 reads)

Hangzhou ZGSM Technology Co., Ltd is located in Linglong Industrial Park, the west of Hangzhou. ZGSM is a hi-tech and private Enterprise devoted to R&D, producing and selling of high quality outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, LED traffic lights, solar panels and solar powered LED lighting system and so on. And become long-term partners for well-known lighting companies and lighting units in domestic and foreign.
Hangzhou ZGSM has been specializing in LED street lights, street lights, led high bay lights, led flood lights, led canopy lights, led stadium lights, led gas station lights, led solar street lights, led tunnel lights for more than 10 years. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate business with us.
How to choose high-quality solar street lights?
Poles: As for solar street lights are in the outdoor environment for long-term, can not avoid the wind and sun, which having quite high requirements on the poles of the process. After a high standard of hot-dip galvanized Q235 steel, and then spray by electrostatic, can without rust for 20 years. Of course, the thickness is also a hard target. Generally, 6 meters of poles need thickness more than 2.5mm.
Light source and controller: These two are the core parts of lights, a good light source with high lumens and low color attenuation, especially the energy-saving effect of LED light source is in line with the current road of green development. The controller is the brain part of the whole system, it has to control the work of other various parts, whether the controller is good or bad is the key to the whole solar street light.
Solar panels and batteries: solar panels as the part of the absorption of light, batteries store up the solar energy absorbed by the solar panels. Solar panels are divided into two kinds of monocrystalline and polycrystalline, because of their different conversion efficiency, cost is different, polycrystalline is more relatively economical. The battery is divided into two kinds of batteries and lithium batteries, in terms of life, lithium battery more stable, but the lithium battery have the higher requirements on the ambient temperature, this need to be considered under various aspects.

Posted by zgsmledlig on 2017/2/24 9:53:56 (6 reads)

Road lighting is an important part of urban lighting, the traditional street lights often use 360-degree lighting, the shortcomings of light loss caused by a huge waste of energy. At present, the global environment is worsening, countries are developing clean energy. With the rapid growth of the national economy, the contradiction between energy supply and energy demand is becoming more and more serious, and the power supply is in serious shortage. Energy saving is an urgent problem to be solved. Therefore, the development of new high efficiency, energy saving, long life, high color rendering index, environmental protection LED street lights is of great significance on the city lighting energy saving.
Road lighting is closely related to people's production and life. Along with the acceleration of urbanization in China, LED street lights into the people's vision with the advantages of directional lighting, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high seismic capacity, long service life and green environmental protection, and become a new generation of energy-saving light source, therefore, LED street lights will become the best choice for road lighting energy-saving transformation.
LED street lights
Hangzhou ZGSM Technology Co., Ltd is located in Linglong Industrial Park, the west of Hangzhou. ZGSM is a hi-tech and private Enterprise devoted to R&D, producing and selling of high quality outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, LED traffic lights, solar panels and solar powered LED lighting system and so on.
Over the past few years, we always adhere to the purpose of taking the science and technology as the lead, striving for survival on the basis of quality and service, quickly rises in the fierce market competition. Products are sold throughout the country.
Main products?LED street lights, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, LED canopy lights, LED stadium lights, LED gas station lights, LED solar street lights, LED tunnel lights and so on.

Posted by zgsmledlig on 2017/2/24 9:52:58 (8 reads)

LED flood lights as a replacement products of electric light source have been recognized by more and more people, and has also been applied in many fields. Its features of low energy consumption, environmental protection, no flash, making it has a much wider range of application, then, in order to ensure its service life, the daily maintenance of LED flood lights is very important.
Regularly eliminate the dust and dirt on the light housing, improve lighting efficiency and heat dissipation. Cleaning method can use water or wiping with a damp cloth according to the protection capability of the lights enclosure. When clean with spray water, power should be cut off, do not scrub the plastic housing with a dry cloth, to prevent static electricity.
Check whether the transparent parts of the traces of foreign impact, whether the rotection network are loose, desoldering, corrosion and so on of the traces of the protective network whether loose, desoldering, corrosive and so on. If so, should stop using, timely maintenance and replace.
Turn off the lights promptly if light source is damaged, and notify the replacement, so as to avoid the light source can not be started, otherwise, the ballast and other electrical components will be in the long-term abnormal state.
Lights used in humid environment, if there is water in the lights cavity, should be promptly removed, replace the sealing parts to ensure that the protective performance of shell.
When open the lampshade, should open the lid after power off as the warning sign requirements.
Check whether the rubber seal hardened or become sticky, wire insulation is green or carbonized, insulation and electrical components are deformed or scorch marks after opening the cover. If you find these problems, should promptly replace.
The sealed part of the light should not be disassembled and opened frequently.

Posted by zgsmledlig on 2017/2/24 9:52:16 (6 reads)

In the background of high-speed development and energy-saving emission reduction of the LED lighting, more and more cities replace their street lights by LED lighting products, it is expected that the number of street lights will reach 350 million in 2025. Recently, which cities have opened the installation project of LED street lights?
Montreal, Canada, 132,000 street lights will be transformed into LED street lights.
It is reported that the city government of Montreal, Canada, will make a decision on replacing its 132,000 street lights with the LED light source products.
The city of Montreal has plans to replace its incandescent bulbs with more cheaper and more energy-efficient LED lighting products(mainly 4000K). However, considering that the high color temperature may bring health problems, the city people opposed to it. Many people like 3000K light source products in Toronto and Chicago.
Montreal Mayor said that despite the city government has not yet made a decision, but now the voice of giving up the 4000K is high. It is reported that once it is determined which color temperature to use, the city of Montreal may carry out the large-scale project bidding.
Singapore plans to replace the street lights of the country with LED street lights before 2022.
Singapore Land Transport Authority announced that they plan to replace the island street lights with more energy-efficient LED street lights before 2022, and adopt the new remote monitoring system, switch street lights according to weather conditions.
Singapore authorities have launched two pilot projects in the past, in some areas to test high power and general power LED street lights. They began to change the street lights into LED street lights in some areas from 2013, has been installed LED street lights for about 4000 street lights.
The Singapore Government Street lights Replacement Program will be carried out in three phases:
Stage one will cover 500 roads which are low-traffic and located in residential area, plan to completed by 2018.
The second stage, which is concentrated in the central region, it is expected to be completed by 2019.
The third stage, replacing the rest of the street lights project and it is expected to be completed before 2022.
The Uzbekistan government wants to invest 84.8 billion som for the urban street lights transformation.
According to the Uzbek Ministry of Finance news, in order to reduce energy consumption, introduce advanced energy-saving technologies, optimize the lighting system, the Ukrainian government plans appropriate funds 84.8 billion som (about 28.3 million US dollars according to the official exchange rate) in 2017-2019 for upgrading 28 city including the Tashkent city of the street lighting system including 28 city street lighting system.
The project involves replacing 8,283 luminaire and optimizing 2779.2 km of lines, plans to replace the existing high-energy-consuming luminaires with modern energy-efficient lighting that used the light-emitting diode technology by 2020 .
Taiwan Jia City plan to install LED street lights.
Goverment of Chiayi City, Taiwan said that, the city replaced a total of 30000 mercury lights, and installed on the new LED street lights, it is expected to complete 13000 lights in the first stage before the Lunar New Year, the 17,000 lights of the second stage is expected to contract with the contractor in the near future, construction after the Spring Festival.
Director of Works, Mr Lee Kin-yin, said that the project costs of the first stage paid from the central grant of $ 130 million. The second project cost is $ 170 million, purchasing 17,000 LED street lights and can save about 25 million yuan using LED street lights each year.

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